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Monday, November 28, 2016

Check the Website

As I will soon be a first year teacher, I can start to gather ideas on how I want my classroom to be organized and for parents and students to have easy access to material. I believe that the best way to organize information, is with a classroom website. Websites can house announcements that parents need to know, it can also have the schedule and extra copies of assignments for students that lose theirs or are sick. One source that provided many useful tips on how to create a website and why, was the blog Cleanapple. It laid out "Ten reasons every teacher should want a web site". A few of my favorite reasons were "8. A teaching website keeps you organized and on track" I'm a very organized person and therefore like to plan out a schedule and keep track of where I am at. Another one that i enjoyed was "5. Helicopter parents have an off-site landing pad" I believe that the author put it best when he said,
      "With a classroom web site, you can communicate clearly with students and their parents. This informs parents of what goes on in your classroom and often gives them a chance to be more constructive with their feedback to you about their students’ successes and struggles. They also can educate themselves about your policies, goals, subject matter, and style – which allows them to help their students do better in your classes."

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